Tuesday, 5 March 2013

"wee wee mummy" it's that time again!.

I would normally apologise for being absent for the first 2 months of this year, however you can appreciate how family life can just sweep you along without a second to stop. We have had a few things (exciting)  going on in the Crazy Daisy household that have had to take priority over my beloved blog. All will come apparent in the next few months ( fingers crossed)  I will keep you posted.

Well it's that time again in parenting where we have to admit that our babies are growing up. My little JT has been saying for a little while now when he is doing a wee in his nappy, but this week he has been taking his nappy off when he has been wetting it.

We brought him a potty and a book just before christmas just so he can get  used to seeing it, sitting on it and he enjoyed reading the book ( sometimes whilst sitting on the potty) , with the occasional wee on it. However today we have made some changes to his bargin £1 potty with yet another bargin of 99p thomas the tank engine stickers, and the end result was a very proud little boy, who straight away shouted " WEE WEE MUMMY!!" he was very pleased as he stood to find his first wee in his improved potty, and all for £1.99.

So as you can all imagine a very proud mummy sits here typing this to you, but also a little saddened as this means my baby boy is not such a baby but is growing up in to a Toddler. Just one more step in him gaining independence and not needing me as much.

I will keep posting updates on little man's progress and our adventures with Potty training.

Crazy Daisy Mum

x x x x

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