Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mummys on a diet hide the cake!

As with the majority of the country I too have been subjected to the well needed new year diet!.

So I set myself a target day for the 1st February to begin my diet, the 1st of January would have been such a tormenting date to start for me as the cupboards were still bursting with all the goodies from Christmas.

January was a month to invite friends and family over for nibble party's which gave us all a chance to catch up after the festive season and to get rid of all those naughty sweet treats lurking in the cupboard.

1st of February came round so quickly but I did need to start this diet as I am now the heaviest I have ever been, all my own doing mind you, too much indulgence and not enough exercise. So with a downloaded app on my iphone, and good friends who too are on diets and are very supportive, we conquered our first month, with watching what we ate and implementing exercising to our daily routines. we go power walking together 2 days a week and swimacise once a week, and by adding it in my daily routine is a real help to so its not so much of a chore but just part of my day to day now.  

And it is paying off I'm now just under a stone lighter and well on my way to my goal. This is the most determined I have ever been on any diet and to keep the exercise up is inset in me now for instance this Wednesday we had a parents consultation at Little Miss M's school (which went very well), on  the evening we walk normally, so determined I went with my husband who was fitting a carpet for his aunt and uncle in Faversham so I took little JT with me in his pushchair and power walked down to the marshes and back, and the views we had were stunning and a great talking point for me and my little man.

and when we got back the sun was out so we enjoyed a lovely stroll down the track chasing our shadows which JT thought was great fun. 

So getting fit can be fun too for all!
I will be a yummy Mummy x x

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  1. Go you Mrs Yummy Mummy! A stone lighter, wow that is a huge achievement. Making exercise part of everyday and involving the children too is a perfect way to make it part of normal living. Best of luck hitting your target and I hope it inspires many more Country Kids posts along the way!

    1. Thank you so much!. Now that the first stone is in sight it has made all the hard work and fun days out worth while. The Children have loved the extra days out too, so plenty more counrty kids post to come x x x x

  2. Well done! You have inspired me to get myself back on track with my healthy lifestyle too. I'm finding the continuous cold and grey weather makes me eat more though! Lovely pics and it looks like you have a lovely area to get out and about in. Found you via Country Kids x

  3. Thank you so much!. I was exactly the same before this diet, but as I do this with some of my friends too, we keep each other going with diffrent tips and ideas. Get a couple of mummys together and just go for it!. me and my friends also use it as a social event too normally by the time we get back we have put the world to rights, complained about our husbands and anything else that takes our fancy lol keep posted with your progress.x x x

  4. That lovely pictures and well done on your weight loss journey. you have my every empathy at just how hard it can be. I have been linking up with Kate from She has this linky #wobbleswednesday if you wanted to link up? xx

    1. Thank you so much! I will take a look at this and join in too. what a fabulous linky name #wobbleswednesday I definately fit the name criteria lol!.
      The 2nd and 3rd week were my hardest to overcome I just felt so hungry but i've managed to over come that part, into the weight is now taking a while to loose part but I will soldier on all mummys are in it togeather x x

  5. Well done you! It is lovely when you can combine exercise and fun with the family too :) (belatedly popping over from last week's Country Kids ;) )