Monday, 17 December 2012

Where has 2012 gone ?????

 As we pulled on our wellies and wrapped up warm ready for another one of our family adventures I just took a moment to think .... I can remember our visit to father Christmas last year just like it was only a short time ago. however it has in fact been over a year ago where has the time gone and what a fabulous year it has been, not just for our family but for the whole country we've had the Queens diamond jubilee and the Olympics which have the biggest focus for many and one we have enjoyed celebrating too.

But back to December 2012 and we have enjoyed preparing for the biggest and most exciting day of the year in our house CHRISTMAS!!!. Today we are going to the main man himself Father Christmas ("Santa" as little man can say this).
After looking online at hundreds of grotto's and all with different prices ranging from £1 - £20 but all ultimately with the same experience ... or so i thought ... I had found this one grotto which was only a short distance away from us.

Shorne woods country park

For only £5 per child, I know its not about the cost but when your on a budget unfortunately it is a big part of it.

When we arrived the children just thought it was another one of our usual walks until we entered the visitors centre where we were greeted by one of  Santa's Elves. Well little Miss M's face was truly a picture a huge smile spread across her face and was instantly captured by the Santa magic. Little man was just fascinated by the clip board and the magic stamp he was given. We were told that Father Christmas was here and that he had lost Rudolph, could we help find him?. Instantly little Miss M eagerly shouted yes and armed with her clip board and work sheet in which she would write down her answers from all the riddles that were hidden around the country park in which we all had great time looking for.  

where is the clue ?

look what I spied !

Quick write it down

All 25 clues were hidden in different locations throughout the park but were within the children's attention time span, there was so much to do on our little riddle hunt from jumping or in Little Mans case falling in to the puddles, balancing on the beams and seeing all the winter time wildlife. Every answer there was had a highlighted red letter which when sorted correctly had Rudolph's location in the park.

if you go down to the woods today you better open your eyes.

we found the last one !

We were all so excited to find the last riddle and Little Miss M was quick to sit and sort through all the answers to see where Santa's beloved reindeer had landed, to her relief he had landed in the park by the lake. phew! so it was back to the visitors centre for a spot of letter writing. Little Miss M asked for a telescope, board games and clothes. Little man asked for a "choo choo" Thomas the tank engine to me and you. Then we were shown to a little wooden shed which had a lovely open fire, fairy lights and ...............SANTA!.

A truly magical experience had by everyone and what a way to lead up to christmas.

However the magic did not stop there as this morning we had a very special letter drop on to the door mat for little Miss M .......

such a lovely keepsake for little Miss M and also the latest thing that is going in for her show and tell at school tomorrow.

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 Only 8 more sleeps til Santa and I think were equally as excited as the children.

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  1. This looks quite magical and your children are such a perfect age to enjoy Chrtistmas. Was that one of the forestry commission sites? It looked like their path ways and signs. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you. christmas is so magical in the terry household and they are little for such a short space of time that I just want to make the most of it.

      I loved your displaying the cards as a garland with the snow flake inbetween I may borrow this idea for next year :)

      Have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to reading all about your Christmas at Coombe Mill x x x x