Saturday, 3 November 2012

I wish I could hear what others are thinking.......

Yesterday was spent shopping with my little ones as I had a little birthday money to spend on some much needed clothes for myself, as I don't know if other parents are like me and my husband we would rather buy the children clothes and accessories ( more little miss m with the accessories).  

Any way I can hear people shouting you took your children shopping during the half term!!!. yes... yes I did, and they were the best behaved, well mannered and all round superstars. However I did get some odd looks from people in the shops and around the shopping centres as I do constantly talk to my two when were out and about together, whether it be about things we have seen, things we would like to buy or even just silly things such as ( we went past a smoothie stand which displayed a picture of a cow coming out of the milkshake and I just said how did they get a whole cow in to a cup that small which gave us a few giggles).

But as me and my two pottered round the shops I did take note at how many people don't talk to there children just pull them in and out of shops and not even engage them in any sort of communication, just made me feel a little self conscious that I'm one in a minority that has this sort of relationship with my children and I know how blessed I truly am. 

We came to a decision we wanted pancakes :-)
well our fun and games did not end there as we left Bluewater we were caught up in a traffic jam which took us over half an hour to go past which does not sound long but when you've got two tired and getting to dinner time hungry kids it is an eternity, so I did everything in my power to keep them from a melt down so we sang, we danced in our seats and did over the top gestures and silly faces.
It was during one of these moments that I caught a glimpse of the woman in the next cars face, It truly was the look of complete bewilderment to which I just smiled and carried on singing little miss m's favourite song of the moment "gangam style".
I will not feel embarrassed about how silly I may look to others the main thing is I survived the traffic Jam and had two giggling children in the back of the car.
As part of entering parenthood I agreed to be there own personal entertainer whether that be a singer, actor, story teller or comedian and I will not default on my contract . 
Please feel free to comment on this post about your opinions, own personal stories on the lengths that you have gone to to keep your little ones entertained.

look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great and safe bonfire weekend

Crazy Daisy Mum
x x x

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