Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mummy's a little delicate today.......

After having a much needed yummy mummy's night out that involved a few glasses of vino with the mummy's from Little miss M's class last night, so you might say that I was feeling a little delicate today so opted staying local. after having coffee and toast and sun creaming the children as the weather has been clear blue skies and scorching sun shine of late, we headed off to our local park which for us is only a 5 minute walk away. 

So stocked up with the usual things you normally take with you on any outing nothing short of the kitchen sink plus extra water.
we slowly made our way to the park but that in it's self is an opportunity of seeking wondrous things as my little man pointed out as a plane flew over head as we gazed towards the blue sky it was criss crossed in air craft tracks which looked absolutely brilliant so armed with my trusty iphone I snapped away and got some fab pictures.
Little miss m ever the imaginative one made up a whole story about how these tracks were caused by lots of planes all playing "it!". and that's how Little miss M left that synopsis.

As we approached the entrance of the park I had noticed that my little man had gone quiet and was not moving about as much as he normally dose, upon further inspection he had fallen asleep on our very short journey. No sooner than we were through the gates she was off first stop the biggest of the climbing frames with it's "sliding pole" , at which point I had found a bench with enough shade to cover my sleeping beauty and where I can watch an ever so speedy Little Miss m zooming all over the climbing frames excitedly and promptly shouting out "MUM!! I have a new friend" . When I looked up her and another little girl had made a temporary friendship. And it always makes me smile how easy they make relationships and can straight away start playing together as though they have known each other a life time.

Well after little Miss M had fully exhausted herself running round the park we decided that we would walk the scenic route home (round the outside of the park) along the way the adventures she had were just purely amazing she found a rather large branch which she started walking along pretending to be in the circus walking along "the tight rope". further along our walk she found a forked stick..........

And after I had totally confused her by telling her that people have been known to discover water using forked sticks she proceeded to have a go but quickly changed it's use to a boomerang , a tunnel for hedgehog's and a picture frame to which she foraged round to find smaller sticks and leaves to make a picture with.

And all this fun was to be had for free for a couple of hours at our local park.

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Have a great weekend
Crazy Daisy Mum



  1. What a perfect way to use a few hours together and clear your foggy head at the same time! I am a great believer in some girls time out so good for you. I hope your sleeping beauty gets to join in the fun next time. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. Your more than welcome my lovely i love reading your blog its fab and promoting getting children in the outdoors is something i strongly believe in . Every great mummy needs some time to relax and socialise and with the mums from little miss m's class we bounce ideas off of each other and just have a girly giggle. x

  2. Lovely pictures :) Great imagination too with the hedgehog tunnel.

    Found via Coombemill's country kids linky :) x

    1. Thank you my lovely. Little miss M has a fantastic imagination and can almost pick anything up and convert it in to something unique and exciting x x

  3. What a lovely day out, full of imaginative play! And all for free :)
    Here from Country Kids!

    1. It was even with a little bit of a fuzzy head which it did help eventually. Some of the best days can be had for free at local parks and some farms this end x x