Friday, 31 August 2012

An adventure as told by little Miss M ....

This weeks post is going to be written a little different to those I have written before as I'm handing over to little Miss M to explain her fantastic experience in a Combine Harvester........

So ladies and gentlemen I now hand you over to my nearly 5 year old Little Miss M ......

" Mummy can I have pink writing this colour is boring.........  That's perfect!,
I went on a little holiday down to Den and John's house with my mummy Daddy and Jasper, he is my baby brother and we had 3 sleep overs. Mummy says to say they live in a beautiful house in the countryside.

when I got there the farmers were cutting the corn down with a masssif tractor it's name is a combine harvester and I watched it for ages going up and down the field  with a special round cutter that chopped all the corn down I then had to go and have dinner but when I came out after guess what they were still cutting ( little excited giggles) . As I was coming out the Farmer was in his jeep driving down the long road next to Den and Johns house and his name is Farmer Andrew and you will never guess what he said ( hand covers mouth and smiles) .... I can go for a ride in the combine harvester with him and my Daddy.

The steps were very big but I'm nearly 5 ( holds up hand with all fingers held up) so I could do them on my own it was very hard work but I could do it.

It was not to noisy I could hear Daddy talking to farmer Andrew about boring stuff I cant remember. The front round cutter goes round and round and it cuts the corn and it  goes round and round the special pipe and it goes in to the big box behind my seat and it gets really full, the farmer turns on the orange light which tells the tractor driver to bring the trailer next to us so we can empty all the corn in side he did not spill any he was very careful. It got really dark so Farmer Andrew let me turn on all the lights which lighted up everything.....can I watch Barbie now mum?????.

And she is now gone I hope you all enjoy reading from little Miss M's eyes

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

lets go fly a kite.....

As a very frustrated little miss M comes storming into the living room holding on to her kite ( a plastic carrier bag and a string) and with a stamp of her foot, the kite thrown down to the floor, and the frustrating whine " my kite is rubbish!!"  as little miss M erupted in to an all mighty strop I quickly googled how to make a kite thinking anything is better than a 4 year old on melt down. I stumbled upon this site ......

it was a life saver, although I had to make a few alterations due to lack of time, little miss M's patience and resources. The results were very pleasing and avoided melt down.

All you need to create our version of this kite...

  • 2 bamboo sticks one of 18 inches and one of 22 inches.
  • an old large carrier bag
  • sellotape
  • ribbon
  • string
  • scissors
  1. take your two bamboo sticks and make a cross shape make sure the shorter stick is the one to go across the top, secure them using sellotape.
  2. cut the large carrier bag sides so it opens in to a large sheet
  3. place your bamboo cross on top of the carrier bag and cut in to a diamond shape leaving 2 inches between the sticks and the edge of the kite.
  4. now fold the top, bottom and side points over the stick ends securing in place with sellotape.
  5. now fold the edges over twice to get the kite shape and secure with sellotape.
  6. take a 22inch piece of string and thread it through the top securing with a knot and do the same at the bottom.
  7. now fasten a long piece of string to the middle and we attached it to a pencil so little miss M did not get to tangled up whilst manoeuvring her kite in the garden.
  8. finally a 30 inch ish piece of ribbon to tie to the bottom of your kite.
  9. now your ready to ........go fly your kite.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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