Thursday, 12 July 2012

Messy Play

As most of you may know by now that I'm a huge fan of getting my hands dirty and this I have passed on to my children by offering them plenty of opportunities to investigate a range of different media involving all the senses. I have previously talked about sensory bottles which I used a great deal during my time working within nursery's, and which I introduced to both of my children from a small age. Another great tool which I also use a great deal is my builders tray which I picked up from my local DIY store.

This can be used for so many things here are a few ideas to get you going.

For those hot days as it's not to deep and your child can crawl around  investigating the water fully either by rolling around getting every inch of themselves soaked or by sitting just gradually moving the water using there feet and hands. Add a little more colour by adding ball pool balls or blown up balloons as this will spark questions from an older child as to why the balloon will not sink. Or you can create an ice age by freezing different sized containers to create ice burgs, add fish and boats and welcome to a whole new experience.

For a non permanent sand pit it is fab for little ones to freely come and go as they please to encourage them the independence they need to explore and create either using buckets, spades and moulds or items from around the home like plastic cups, saucepans, colanders spoons and containers. 


By using a little sawdust & straw both available from most supermarkets and a little tray of water and some large rocks you can create a prehistoric land any child's dinosaurs would love. you can use compost (new) too enhance this play some more too.


By using straw and some shredded green tissue paper you can create lovely tactile farm area any animal would love.You can enhance this experience by adding farm, animal and vehicle books for your child to explore while they play too.


Cornflour is not just handy in the kitchen it can give hours of enjoyment with its changing form. This is an early photo of little miss m and Mr JRT when i introduced them both to it for the first time and they both had a wonderful time as you can tell. The cornflour can be picked up and when being held it will turn back to a liquid running through your fingers. Add items from the kitchen like spoons, spatula's, whisks etc to extra enjoyment, and add food colourings, different smells like lemon, peppermint, lavender or add some hundreds and thousands for some instant colour just to add to the experience.  

Just a few ideas to get you started on your very own builders tray creations, your child will love them as much as my two do. 
you could even just put shredded paper in it and hide objects in it such as balls, animals, cars or play food, they will have a great time exploring the texture if the paper and the added excitement of finding items too. 

                              peek a boo

hope you are all getting ready for the big school holiday with your little ones .
remember to make use of your local library's, and local authority run facilities as they have plenty on offer for all ages for free or a very low fee.

enjoy your weekend

crazy daisy mum

x x 

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