Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pocket Money - Madisons just rewards

Well today was finally the day she had enough pocket money to be able to get her jolly octopus game. She has worked so hard to get this not only doing extra jobs for us at home but also for her grandparents who were also eager to help her reach her goal.
So I have captured her journey in pictures for you all to see.

Counting out her money ........" I have enough !!!!!"

It's a magical place.

"now where is it ??"

" Ive got it "

"here's my money I counted it out all by myself "


" can we go home now"

 As you can imagine we have had a fun afternoon of playing the Jolly Octopus game.

I have recently discovered a fantastic website which sells fantastic clothing, dummies and other items for both boys and girlie's which is a little different which I wanted to share with you.

Mummys Online Baby Shop

What have you all got planned for you bank holiday??? weather permitting we hope to visit Old Mac Donald's farm  

So fingers crossed for a rain free day tomorrow.

Hope you have a great bank holiday

Crazy Daisy Mum



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