Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pocket Money

The reason for my post today is inspired by Little miss M's increasing interest in money. The questions that we regularly hear is " how much is this?" " why do we have to pay for food?" and "why dose daddy have to work?". So after the explanation that we have to pay for food because farmers grow it or factory's make it and it costs them money. And for us to be able to buy things Mr T needs to work to earn money. Well this sparked another question "what is earned? "  well I have never seen determination in a little girls face than after i told her daddy dose lots of jobs and his bosses pay him with money. She instantly posed the question can I earn money too?.

Well the answer is definitely anyone can earn money but there is a difference between earning money and pocket money as I have been researching about. I can clearly remember as a child getting monthly pocket money from my grandparents, and I would get extra money from my parents for doing certain jobs around the house for example hovering, gardening and cleaning the car which I would get paid on a weekly basis normally a Saturday.

 In research I discovered that the general starting age of pocket money is 6 but as me and Mr T discussed if she is showing an interest in it and can count why should she not benefit from this life skill now at nearly 5 . Little miss M already understands the importance of saving money and loves watching the numbers increase in her savings book which she has had since she was born. 

So having a chat with Mr T about this and discussing my  finding's on ground
rules for Money earning and pocket money. we have come to the decision that she will get a set amount for pocket money which she will receive weekly. She can also earn extra money for doing other jobs, but not for doing everyday chores such make her bed, keeping her toys neat, and putting some of her clothes away, but for hovering, dusting, gardening and anything else around the house she will get extra earnings if she so wishes.

However after an outing to a local farm recently in which she spent some of her own money on a paint your own cow she asked how much money she would need for this octopus game she has seen when we told her the answer this just spurred her on even more to get to her goal so we will she how she gets on before she sees another item she wants to add to her wish list.

The above link is a really good starting point if you are thinking about pocket money .

Have a great week

Crazy Daisy

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Funny thing is Mummy?

Well we all say kids say the funniest things well little Miss Terry has  been doing just that at the moment for example....
whilst tending our little piece of the good life patch today adding the final name labels she said " Funny thing is mummy that the snow might ruin all our  vegetables"  well my face was a picture at which point she then promptly said  
"  Daddy said we might get snow " which he did but this was mentioned yesterday lunchtime (elephant memory). So after explaining the plants need the warm sun, water ( which prompted " you can't use the hose pipe as there are helicopters that can check and you will get fined lots of pounds ") and oxygen to grow and the reason that cold frost and snow might harm our little green growing family we covered up the patch ( tucked them in)  with little towels to try and protect it a little ( fingers crossed ).  but before I put the "beanstalk" away I had to take a picture of the sign Madison made and the explanation behind it....

"the thick green bit is the trunk and the thinner bits are the vines and the black bit is the clouds where the giant lives" in Madison's little way of explaining.
Made me chuckle a bit she then proceeded to tell me that " Jack stole the giants money but I wont do that mummy as the Police might arrest me and I'm to young to go to jail " bless her one for the memory box.
As most of you are aware the Easter half term is upon us and now that Little Miss M is feeling a lot better after a slow start Sunday and Monday ( nothing that good old colpol couldn't fix) were now on track to enjoy some family time such as ........
A Right Royal exhibition - Family art and craft at the local library
Easter rabbit hunt at any Country Park ( a little nature walk which me and Mr T devised but entertained Little Miss M for ages last year, we saw loads of wild rabbits but no Easter bunny but he left a little basket for her ready for Easter Sunday.

     Family Good Friday get together down the coast (weather permitting).

Easter Egg hunt - created by Crazy daisy herself using tissue paper wrapped mini eggs and a few clues such as up on a mountain way up high these little feet they climb and climb.   ( my mum and dad have a larger garden than us so i use it to my full potential and half way up is a little hill where  my fairy crazed mum has a little fairy crossing hence the mountain and little feet).
and currently that's it on my list at the mo will see how the weather turns out.
hope you all have a great Easter weekend.