Saturday, 24 March 2012

Touch of the Good Life

Every year me and Madison enjoy growing our own fruit and vegetables not only is it another way of reducing the cost of your weekly shop but they taste so much better when you have grown them from scratch. you don't have to have a very big garden either my garden is not that big but in one of my borders i have sectioned off a 2.5 X 1 metre area and have made our little veggie area. This year we have opted for the usual potatoes which we have planted in a raised planter as they were swamping the vegetable patch last year, tomatoes, peas, round carrots ( a change from the normal long ones ) lettuce, strawberries, onions and another little herb box.

 Madison planting the carrots.

I also take full advantage of all the areas of learning when we are planting and growing our own food from making and writing our own labels, encouraging questions and research if I happen to not know the answer (good old google), and learning about anything else that may capture Madison's attention like........

"Legs the centipede "

Starting him off young we got the baby of the family Jasper enjoying all the textures and sounds of gardening from shaking the seed packets to hear the seeds rattling and feeling the compost using a number of different tools his favourite being his hands and taste buds.

Let me know if any of you have a veggie patch I would love to hear tips and ideas.

Enjoy a lovely sunny weekend

Crazy Daisy Mum

x x x


  1. I love this post! I wish I were more green fingered :/ Although this year I *am* going to do a few of those grow your own veg kits, bit of a hceat but it's a good start right? ;) x

  2. exactly how i started off my little patch which was a few little containers with grow your own toms, cress and herbs, great place to start. let me know how you get on x x x