Thursday, 8 March 2012

more mummy milestones .......

well all manner of things have been going on in the Terry abode in the last couple of weeks we have now reached that point in Jasper's life where he was now ready to face the world head on rather than letting it pass him .
The verdict..................

LOVES IT! ( although a little quite at first) , He giggled and chatted away the whole journey .
This was such an emotional moment as it's me finally admitting to myself that my baby is growing up.  I would love to keep him small forever but he is becoming such an interesting little boy who chats away all the time, screams when he gets the chance and is now on the move rolling about all over the place and has now mastered rolling through the doors only in the last couple of days realising he needs to lift his legs up to get through. The sense of achievement he gained at that moment was amazing  I feel so lucky to have seen and shared it with him.

As you may have read in previous posts our little princess has had a few ups and downs in the behaviour department whilst at school which resulted in her having a reward chart everyday  which she collected bubbles for listening, sitting still, working well ect ect .
well we have had another parents evening which I did have a little pang of doubt in the pit of my stomach about as the bubbles have been dwindling in numbers recently so wondered if the unwanted behaviour had returned .
Well we could not have been more wrong Madison has been doing fantastically at school both academically and in her behaviour. The reason for the dwindling numbers is Madison has not needed that incentive to encourage the positive behaviour so in a way she and her teachers have weened her off of the reward chart .
Me and Joe felt like we were floating on cloud 9 ! such an over whelming feeling of pride and accomplishment that we are doing right by Madison and who would want anything more.

Going to end this weeks post on a recommendation.
If you are bored doing the same old type of painting, cooking or are just looking for a bit of inspiration on keeping the children entertained for a bit may I suggest a site for you
they are a fantastic site and i regularly visit them for inspiration and on my latest visit have discovered another use for shaving foam.
Foam Paint
Details on how to create this please visit their website .

the magic starts
A great result.

Enjoy exploring their great website.

have a great weekend


Crazy Daisy Mum

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  1. That foam is amazing! I'll give it a try over the weekend. Glad school is going well, always good to get a good parent's evening result! I had a rotten one recently :(

  2. Oh no that's horrible hope it is something that can be worked on . Let me know how you got on with the foam paint it is such good fun ( such a big kid at heart ) x x

  3. Oooh I love the foam paint idea! Will give that a go with my littlies :)

  4. I've used it a couple of times now and still great fun x x easy to clean off too ;-)