Saturday, 17 March 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisons........

This week has been filled with lots of really tough but important decisions the main one being...
To go back to work or not?.  Returning to work after you have a baby is so tough and believe me I completely understand having done it with my first child Madison. However what made it a lot easier is that I worked for the nursery she attended, and had a very understanding staff team who were very supportive. So returning to work after Jasper was aways on the cards now that Madison is at school so only one child's worth of fees to pay.
If only it was that simple ... I now faced a dilemma, putting Jasper in to nursery and working my old shift pattern meant that Madison would have to go to before/After school and Holiday club which totted up to an unbelievable amount which we simply could not afford. So whilst in and out of talks with my manager who was so understanding and working around Joe's work we thought about me going term time only however this in its self was a huge hit on my pay as my hours diminished but days went up and so did Jasper's nursery fees as I would need more care for him.

I personally deep down knew that the only option would be for me to stay at home so I could do the school runs, care for Jasper and be there during the holidays and not have to rely on family, friends and holiday clubs ( which I personally hate doing anyway). For a lot of mums this is the best news they could possibly receive that they would not have to leave their baby's. So on Wednesday of this week I made the hardest decision I have ever made and Handed in my resignation. Don't get me wrong I am pleased as punch that I am lucky enough to stay at home and care for my children myself, but on the other hand I am giving up my job / career which I absolutely love and going to work was never a chore it was always my extended home with my extended family as we had all been together for many years. So as you can imagine there was lots of tears and hugs and extremely kind words from staff and parents who's children I have cared for which in return brought more tears. I know we have made the best choice however hard it may have been. I will miss working with my extended family but we are constantly in touch via social networking sites and regular visits I will be making.

Just some of the facilities to be found at Busy Bees in Chatham
Busy Bees Chatham

So here is to more Crazy daisy mummy moments !!

hope you all have a great Mothers day weekend ( my first as a mummy of two )

Crazy Daisy Mum

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  1. It is so difficult juggling work and costs and time with your family. I console myself with the fact that in the scheme of things it's not long before they prefer their own company and can be independent, and I can work properly then