Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sensory Bottles

As today was the coldest day of the year so far even so much so that  my little guy who was wrapped up to the nines had a pink nose, cheeks and cold fingers even with gloves. As for me I was quite glad of a day indoors. I dug out the sensory bottles I made for Jasper well before Christmas. Well the enjoyment he got out of these very cheep and easy to make bottles was amazing and after raiding the recycling bag again this week ( all clean of course) I have found a couple of 2L bottles also which I'm going to use.

You only need clean dry bottles, and anything really that will stimulate your child's senses.
The bottles in the picture contain dry pasta, water and straws, food dye,water and vegetable oil and lavender infused cloth.
When doing any smelling sensory bottles you must remember to drill very small holes in to the lid and using a pin make a few on the sides this way your little one will fully appreciate the the aromas.
( Lavender dried and essence, Orange essence, Lemon and Mint are a few I use both personally and professionally)

To make any liquid sensory bottle just a little more secure ( from older siblings undoing it and causing a mini pond on the living room carpet not naming any names..... Madison) I now use a super glue after I have filled it just on the tread of the bottle and screw the cap back on and leave it to dry for a couple of days.
( water and brightly coloured straws cut down /  half water, half vegetable oil & few drops of food colouring / water and sequins / water and glitter just a few ideas )

For the noisy bottles pasta, dried peas, lentils , sand, bells, twigs and small pebbles are a few I use. but again please make sure that you glue the lids on these bottles also to prevent chocking hazards.

Anything bright and colourful such as feathers, pom poms,shredded colourful paper and anything else that catches your eyes.

I have experimented with soil, leaves, seaweed and grass all very good but do need to be changed often.

I hope these few ideas will inspire the creative you.  

keep warm

Crazy Daisy Mum


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