Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Please stop growing .......

Trying to capture those split second moments on camera is a nigh on impossible task unless your a photographer?. ......

Well after researching lots of local photographers and getting ridiculous prices for photo packages that I will not use all the photos in I decided to give it a go myself ( how hard can it be), so after picking out outfits that I already had in the wardrobes, finding and ironing an old white cotton  double bed sized duvet cover and making sure my camera had plenty of charge in it I took over the conservatory by masking taping the bed sheet up ensuring that there was enough to cover a section of flooring that they sat on, we were away. Here are some of the photos we got today and could not be happier with them and the fact we done them all ourselves made it even more special.

The children were relaxed and in an environment they both felt happy in and well we were also relaxed knowing were not holding up a photographers time, costing us more money and the children were not touching things they should'nt be.

Have a great week

Crazy Daisy Mum


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