Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"mummy ! we have snow!!!!!!!"

Well the excitement in Madison's voice this morning when she saw in her own words the "funny kind of snow again" settling on the cars i could not not write about our slightly snowy days. 

The last couple of days have been great for getting her out of the house in the mornings to get to school as this has given her the opportunity to venture out all be it the very minute snow fall in her mind it was still "SNOW!!!!!". 
Well on the way home with a very excited Madison and friend they decided that a snow ball fight was in order so every single garden wall they went past was swiped clean of any snow then proceeded to make small balls and thrown manly in my direction which secretly I don't mind I love the snow just as much. (I'm such a big kid at heart).

Once home I took note that my car had quite an amount of snow on top of it and on the front windows so once my two were settled indoors and I had heard about her very busy day at school I popped out to retrieve the glistening treasure which i put on to a plastic large serving plate and plonked in front of my two. Well Madison was straight in there with her imagination creating little sculpture's, well Jasper needed a little encouragement from his big sister but was soon enjoying it as much as his sister. 

here are a few pictures of there snow play.  

big sister showing Jasper how it's done.

Madison's snowy lady " Lucy"

Have a great week

Crazy Daisy Mummy



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