Monday, 17 December 2012

Where has 2012 gone ?????

 As we pulled on our wellies and wrapped up warm ready for another one of our family adventures I just took a moment to think .... I can remember our visit to father Christmas last year just like it was only a short time ago. however it has in fact been over a year ago where has the time gone and what a fabulous year it has been, not just for our family but for the whole country we've had the Queens diamond jubilee and the Olympics which have the biggest focus for many and one we have enjoyed celebrating too.

But back to December 2012 and we have enjoyed preparing for the biggest and most exciting day of the year in our house CHRISTMAS!!!. Today we are going to the main man himself Father Christmas ("Santa" as little man can say this).
After looking online at hundreds of grotto's and all with different prices ranging from £1 - £20 but all ultimately with the same experience ... or so i thought ... I had found this one grotto which was only a short distance away from us.

Shorne woods country park

For only £5 per child, I know its not about the cost but when your on a budget unfortunately it is a big part of it.

When we arrived the children just thought it was another one of our usual walks until we entered the visitors centre where we were greeted by one of  Santa's Elves. Well little Miss M's face was truly a picture a huge smile spread across her face and was instantly captured by the Santa magic. Little man was just fascinated by the clip board and the magic stamp he was given. We were told that Father Christmas was here and that he had lost Rudolph, could we help find him?. Instantly little Miss M eagerly shouted yes and armed with her clip board and work sheet in which she would write down her answers from all the riddles that were hidden around the country park in which we all had great time looking for.  

where is the clue ?

look what I spied !

Quick write it down

All 25 clues were hidden in different locations throughout the park but were within the children's attention time span, there was so much to do on our little riddle hunt from jumping or in Little Mans case falling in to the puddles, balancing on the beams and seeing all the winter time wildlife. Every answer there was had a highlighted red letter which when sorted correctly had Rudolph's location in the park.

if you go down to the woods today you better open your eyes.

we found the last one !

We were all so excited to find the last riddle and Little Miss M was quick to sit and sort through all the answers to see where Santa's beloved reindeer had landed, to her relief he had landed in the park by the lake. phew! so it was back to the visitors centre for a spot of letter writing. Little Miss M asked for a telescope, board games and clothes. Little man asked for a "choo choo" Thomas the tank engine to me and you. Then we were shown to a little wooden shed which had a lovely open fire, fairy lights and ...............SANTA!.

A truly magical experience had by everyone and what a way to lead up to christmas.

However the magic did not stop there as this morning we had a very special letter drop on to the door mat for little Miss M .......

such a lovely keepsake for little Miss M and also the latest thing that is going in for her show and tell at school tomorrow.

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 Only 8 more sleeps til Santa and I think were equally as excited as the children.

Crazy Daisy Mum


Saturday, 3 November 2012

I wish I could hear what others are thinking.......

Yesterday was spent shopping with my little ones as I had a little birthday money to spend on some much needed clothes for myself, as I don't know if other parents are like me and my husband we would rather buy the children clothes and accessories ( more little miss m with the accessories).  

Any way I can hear people shouting you took your children shopping during the half term!!!. yes... yes I did, and they were the best behaved, well mannered and all round superstars. However I did get some odd looks from people in the shops and around the shopping centres as I do constantly talk to my two when were out and about together, whether it be about things we have seen, things we would like to buy or even just silly things such as ( we went past a smoothie stand which displayed a picture of a cow coming out of the milkshake and I just said how did they get a whole cow in to a cup that small which gave us a few giggles).

But as me and my two pottered round the shops I did take note at how many people don't talk to there children just pull them in and out of shops and not even engage them in any sort of communication, just made me feel a little self conscious that I'm one in a minority that has this sort of relationship with my children and I know how blessed I truly am. 

We came to a decision we wanted pancakes :-)
well our fun and games did not end there as we left Bluewater we were caught up in a traffic jam which took us over half an hour to go past which does not sound long but when you've got two tired and getting to dinner time hungry kids it is an eternity, so I did everything in my power to keep them from a melt down so we sang, we danced in our seats and did over the top gestures and silly faces.
It was during one of these moments that I caught a glimpse of the woman in the next cars face, It truly was the look of complete bewilderment to which I just smiled and carried on singing little miss m's favourite song of the moment "gangam style".
I will not feel embarrassed about how silly I may look to others the main thing is I survived the traffic Jam and had two giggling children in the back of the car.
As part of entering parenthood I agreed to be there own personal entertainer whether that be a singer, actor, story teller or comedian and I will not default on my contract . 
Please feel free to comment on this post about your opinions, own personal stories on the lengths that you have gone to to keep your little ones entertained.

look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great and safe bonfire weekend

Crazy Daisy Mum
x x x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Happy Blog Birthday

I cant quite believe it has been a year since creating the Crazy Daisy Mum Of Two blogspot and what a year of adventures we have had from autumnal foraging, starting school, teething and lots of crafty creations.

I would love thank all that have taken the time to read my blog posts it means a huge deal to me and my little family and has eased the huge change from working mummy to full time stay at home mummy.

Thank You 

x X x  

Some of my blogging highlights

all but a few of our favourite adventures.

Next blog post is on our ways of keeping christmas thrifty.

Crazy daisy Mum

x x x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mummy's a little delicate today.......

After having a much needed yummy mummy's night out that involved a few glasses of vino with the mummy's from Little miss M's class last night, so you might say that I was feeling a little delicate today so opted staying local. after having coffee and toast and sun creaming the children as the weather has been clear blue skies and scorching sun shine of late, we headed off to our local park which for us is only a 5 minute walk away. 

So stocked up with the usual things you normally take with you on any outing nothing short of the kitchen sink plus extra water.
we slowly made our way to the park but that in it's self is an opportunity of seeking wondrous things as my little man pointed out as a plane flew over head as we gazed towards the blue sky it was criss crossed in air craft tracks which looked absolutely brilliant so armed with my trusty iphone I snapped away and got some fab pictures.
Little miss m ever the imaginative one made up a whole story about how these tracks were caused by lots of planes all playing "it!". and that's how Little miss M left that synopsis.

As we approached the entrance of the park I had noticed that my little man had gone quiet and was not moving about as much as he normally dose, upon further inspection he had fallen asleep on our very short journey. No sooner than we were through the gates she was off first stop the biggest of the climbing frames with it's "sliding pole" , at which point I had found a bench with enough shade to cover my sleeping beauty and where I can watch an ever so speedy Little Miss m zooming all over the climbing frames excitedly and promptly shouting out "MUM!! I have a new friend" . When I looked up her and another little girl had made a temporary friendship. And it always makes me smile how easy they make relationships and can straight away start playing together as though they have known each other a life time.

Well after little Miss M had fully exhausted herself running round the park we decided that we would walk the scenic route home (round the outside of the park) along the way the adventures she had were just purely amazing she found a rather large branch which she started walking along pretending to be in the circus walking along "the tight rope". further along our walk she found a forked stick..........

And after I had totally confused her by telling her that people have been known to discover water using forked sticks she proceeded to have a go but quickly changed it's use to a boomerang , a tunnel for hedgehog's and a picture frame to which she foraged round to find smaller sticks and leaves to make a picture with.

And all this fun was to be had for free for a couple of hours at our local park.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Have a great weekend
Crazy Daisy Mum


Friday, 31 August 2012

An adventure as told by little Miss M ....

This weeks post is going to be written a little different to those I have written before as I'm handing over to little Miss M to explain her fantastic experience in a Combine Harvester........

So ladies and gentlemen I now hand you over to my nearly 5 year old Little Miss M ......

" Mummy can I have pink writing this colour is boring.........  That's perfect!,
I went on a little holiday down to Den and John's house with my mummy Daddy and Jasper, he is my baby brother and we had 3 sleep overs. Mummy says to say they live in a beautiful house in the countryside.

when I got there the farmers were cutting the corn down with a masssif tractor it's name is a combine harvester and I watched it for ages going up and down the field  with a special round cutter that chopped all the corn down I then had to go and have dinner but when I came out after guess what they were still cutting ( little excited giggles) . As I was coming out the Farmer was in his jeep driving down the long road next to Den and Johns house and his name is Farmer Andrew and you will never guess what he said ( hand covers mouth and smiles) .... I can go for a ride in the combine harvester with him and my Daddy.

The steps were very big but I'm nearly 5 ( holds up hand with all fingers held up) so I could do them on my own it was very hard work but I could do it.

It was not to noisy I could hear Daddy talking to farmer Andrew about boring stuff I cant remember. The front round cutter goes round and round and it cuts the corn and it  goes round and round the special pipe and it goes in to the big box behind my seat and it gets really full, the farmer turns on the orange light which tells the tractor driver to bring the trailer next to us so we can empty all the corn in side he did not spill any he was very careful. It got really dark so Farmer Andrew let me turn on all the lights which lighted up everything.....can I watch Barbie now mum?????.

And she is now gone I hope you all enjoy reading from little Miss M's eyes

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Have a great weekend
Crazy Daisy mum
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

lets go fly a kite.....

As a very frustrated little miss M comes storming into the living room holding on to her kite ( a plastic carrier bag and a string) and with a stamp of her foot, the kite thrown down to the floor, and the frustrating whine " my kite is rubbish!!"  as little miss M erupted in to an all mighty strop I quickly googled how to make a kite thinking anything is better than a 4 year old on melt down. I stumbled upon this site ......

it was a life saver, although I had to make a few alterations due to lack of time, little miss M's patience and resources. The results were very pleasing and avoided melt down.

All you need to create our version of this kite...

  • 2 bamboo sticks one of 18 inches and one of 22 inches.
  • an old large carrier bag
  • sellotape
  • ribbon
  • string
  • scissors
  1. take your two bamboo sticks and make a cross shape make sure the shorter stick is the one to go across the top, secure them using sellotape.
  2. cut the large carrier bag sides so it opens in to a large sheet
  3. place your bamboo cross on top of the carrier bag and cut in to a diamond shape leaving 2 inches between the sticks and the edge of the kite.
  4. now fold the top, bottom and side points over the stick ends securing in place with sellotape.
  5. now fold the edges over twice to get the kite shape and secure with sellotape.
  6. take a 22inch piece of string and thread it through the top securing with a knot and do the same at the bottom.
  7. now fasten a long piece of string to the middle and we attached it to a pencil so little miss M did not get to tangled up whilst manoeuvring her kite in the garden.
  8. finally a 30 inch ish piece of ribbon to tie to the bottom of your kite.
  9. now your ready to ........go fly your kite.

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have a lovely weekend

Crazy Daisy Mum

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside........

Well I could not quite believe the weather we had woken up to this morning blue sky and sunshine so we decided to make the most of this very beautiful day as they have been very far and few between. So Mr T and I packed up the car with buckets, spades and the suitcase of things you have to take when you have 2 under 5's, nothing short of the kitchen sink.

So after the usual questions from our eldest little Miss M "are we going on the motorway?", ""is it far? " and is there toilets?", we were on our way to a sandy beach that is quite close to mine and Mr T's heart .... St Michael's Bay Westgate, we also picked up the Terry siblings "nanny Nessa" to make the most of the time we have left with her before she moves to Spain next week.

We decided to do the whole sea side thing and start off with fish and chips overlooking the sea and we all agreed they tasted better by the sea.
After lunch it was time for us to play and just blow away the cobwebs.
The tide was just going out as we reached the promenade so the waves were fantastic and caused amusement as little miss M got splashed.

Well the afternoon was spent by just having good old family fun on the beach paddling, sandcastle building, shell hunting and to top it off ice cream it was absolutely perfect and was just lovely to see the children doing what children do best ...... melting the hearts of there parents.

I have included some photos of our afternoon fun.

Daddy and a son exploring the water. 

 "I'm making my own paddling pool"


 Little Miss M telling MR T how to dig a hole. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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Enjoy your weekend and the summer holidays

Crazy Daisy Mum


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Messy Play

As most of you may know by now that I'm a huge fan of getting my hands dirty and this I have passed on to my children by offering them plenty of opportunities to investigate a range of different media involving all the senses. I have previously talked about sensory bottles which I used a great deal during my time working within nursery's, and which I introduced to both of my children from a small age. Another great tool which I also use a great deal is my builders tray which I picked up from my local DIY store.

This can be used for so many things here are a few ideas to get you going.

For those hot days as it's not to deep and your child can crawl around  investigating the water fully either by rolling around getting every inch of themselves soaked or by sitting just gradually moving the water using there feet and hands. Add a little more colour by adding ball pool balls or blown up balloons as this will spark questions from an older child as to why the balloon will not sink. Or you can create an ice age by freezing different sized containers to create ice burgs, add fish and boats and welcome to a whole new experience.

For a non permanent sand pit it is fab for little ones to freely come and go as they please to encourage them the independence they need to explore and create either using buckets, spades and moulds or items from around the home like plastic cups, saucepans, colanders spoons and containers. 


By using a little sawdust & straw both available from most supermarkets and a little tray of water and some large rocks you can create a prehistoric land any child's dinosaurs would love. you can use compost (new) too enhance this play some more too.


By using straw and some shredded green tissue paper you can create lovely tactile farm area any animal would love.You can enhance this experience by adding farm, animal and vehicle books for your child to explore while they play too.


Cornflour is not just handy in the kitchen it can give hours of enjoyment with its changing form. This is an early photo of little miss m and Mr JRT when i introduced them both to it for the first time and they both had a wonderful time as you can tell. The cornflour can be picked up and when being held it will turn back to a liquid running through your fingers. Add items from the kitchen like spoons, spatula's, whisks etc to extra enjoyment, and add food colourings, different smells like lemon, peppermint, lavender or add some hundreds and thousands for some instant colour just to add to the experience.  

Just a few ideas to get you started on your very own builders tray creations, your child will love them as much as my two do. 
you could even just put shredded paper in it and hide objects in it such as balls, animals, cars or play food, they will have a great time exploring the texture if the paper and the added excitement of finding items too. 

                              peek a boo

hope you are all getting ready for the big school holiday with your little ones .
remember to make use of your local library's, and local authority run facilities as they have plenty on offer for all ages for free or a very low fee.

enjoy your weekend

crazy daisy mum

x x 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

When I grow up........

I can vividly remember as a child thinking how slow time went and the summer holidays were "forever", we would spend most of our days out in the sunshine, at the park and exploring the woods as I got older with my friends. How times have changed I now find myself begging time to slow down as my not so little Miss M is too quickly approaching Year 1 at infant school, where the real schooling begins. I cant help feel for the poor little ones as they now journey from the very relaxed and play initiated style of learning to the more conventional and formal learning and wonder what there thoughts are. Little Miss M is quite relaxed at the moment and is not to fazed by it, although she would love to keep her current teacher forever as she has had quite an impact on her so much so she would now like to be a teacher.

I can remember my parents and friends who have older children telling me to make the most of the time you have with your children when they are young, and me thinking at the time what are they talking about I have got ages. How wrong was I.... it has gone unbelievably quick from teething to tantrums to all grown up knowing "everything"!. On the other hand I can look through the thousands of photographs I have of  both my little monkeys and think look at what we have given them so far, confidence, time, life experiences, unconditional love, stability and so much more that I would be waffling forever to tell you all, these are the most precious gifts any parent can give their children .
Hope you all have a lovely Fathers Day weekend and spoil Daddy's everywhere.
As I know my our little ones are with Hand made cards from each of them, gifts and home made cakes too.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

long time no see......

Well I cant quite believe nearly a month has past since my last post, time has literally flown by.

Within this time the Terry household has been very busy decorating and celebrating the Terry Boys birthdays. Yes hard to believe that Jasper is now 1 years old and Daddy is the big 30 which he has taken very well despite all the stereotypical comments about balding and greyness. 

Two weeks have past since my little boys birthday and honestly I can remember vividly everything that was happening this time last year when having two little monkeys was all so new. Although we have now got into an established routine there is always something new to discover. I have put together some of my favourite pictures from the past year as I am now coming to terms with my baby growing up in to a little boy.
First time we saw Jasper

When a Daddy met his son.

The First time a Sister & Brother met.

                                          Love at First sight


Christmas day ( this made us laugh)


9 months old


munching on his birthday cake.

 These are but a few of my favourite pictures and just sums up our first year with the little guy of the family.

Hope you all have a fabulous Jubilee weekend.

Crazy Daisy Mum


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pocket Money - Madisons just rewards

Well today was finally the day she had enough pocket money to be able to get her jolly octopus game. She has worked so hard to get this not only doing extra jobs for us at home but also for her grandparents who were also eager to help her reach her goal.
So I have captured her journey in pictures for you all to see.

Counting out her money ........" I have enough !!!!!"

It's a magical place.

"now where is it ??"

" Ive got it "

"here's my money I counted it out all by myself "


" can we go home now"

 As you can imagine we have had a fun afternoon of playing the Jolly Octopus game.

I have recently discovered a fantastic website which sells fantastic clothing, dummies and other items for both boys and girlie's which is a little different which I wanted to share with you.

Mummys Online Baby Shop

What have you all got planned for you bank holiday??? weather permitting we hope to visit Old Mac Donald's farm  

So fingers crossed for a rain free day tomorrow.

Hope you have a great bank holiday

Crazy Daisy Mum