Saturday, 5 November 2011

When did you become so grown up.....

I can't believe it's the weekend already where has the time flown too...

Well this week kicked off with Madison bringing home her first school photos, she was so excited to get home and show me that it was the quickest we have got from school to home ever.

She built the photo showing part up tremendously and I could hardly wait .... then "mummy you wont believe how grown up I look ". Wow! i was not expecting this comment from my 4 year old, it took me by surprise if I'm honest and I did take in the moment for a few seconds, before Jasper proceeded to grab my glasses off of my face. ( our latest great game). The photo was as she said her looking extremely grown up. I can't help but wonder where the last 4 years have gone and that my little girl is well...... not so little any more .

 We also enjoyed Halloween at the beginning of the week getting dressed up in our spooky costumes and trick and treating to our neighbours and family. Madison had a lovely time and it was lovely to see so many other mums and dads out with there little ones looking for the pumpkin lit houses. In Madison's words "we must not knock on houses that don't have them as we are a bit scary".

Well this week did not end as such on a high as it begun, whilst standing in the playground waiting for Madison to appear at the door the signal every mum dreads came. ( the can I have a word signal was directed at me).
My heart sunk I felt like a naughty school child again as I was ushered in to the class room. A very sad faced little Madison was sitting at the table.... The teacher then proceeded to explain that Madison has be showing signs of unwanted behaviour such as not listening, getting easily distracted during phonics and number time etc and that it had been happening for a few weeks now. Well this came as a total shock to me as nothing had been said before regarding Madison's behaviour, but I took on board what Madison's teacher had said and explained I would sit down and speak with Madison once I got home and everything settled, as me and my husband are a parent team that believe there is always two sides to every story and we wanted to hear Madison's.

The first unexpected thing Madison said to us was "I have been on the sunshine all day" well as you can imagine we were a little confused at this comment and then proceeded to explain that her teacher has been speaking to us regarding her unwanted behaviour. Madison instantly knew what we were speaking about and explained that her hair clip had fallen out and was under the table so she went to retrieve it and got engrossed with bending it open and closed.
( not listening during phonics and number time)

OK we thought maybe there has been a little confusion with Madison not listening but instead just being totally engrossed with this hair clip. We explained that she must open her ears more and listen to teachers.

This could not have come at a more appropriate time as next week we have parents evening, so after a long chat to Madison which continued this morning also and a chat between the parent camp, involving grandparents views also as they have been there and done it themselves, we have a little list of questions we would like to ask her teachers. This may sound really silly but by writing it down we can see what we need to ask and that we would not get home after and think I forgot to ask.....

This morning whist getting Madison ready for her fun Saturday morning with nanny, she said " am I going to school today?" when i said No the look of relief was apparent. I then seized this opportunity to ask open ended questions. Eventually she told me " I want to be at home with you like Jasper " That's when the realisation that there is some sibling jealousy became apparent.
After some reassurance that while she is at school me and Jasper are waiting for her to get home, so we can all play or get arty and crafty. I have dug out a great book I used to read to my pre-schoolers many moons ago especially ones with younger siblings at home and hopefully this will help her understand that she has to go to school but you have fun .....

Product Details

I will keep you Posted on how it goes.

I have also dug in to another book just for some parent reassurance and advice
and one that I really recommend to have as part of you mummy and daddy library ....

Toddling to Ten: Your Common Parenting Problems Solved - The Netmums Guide to the Challenges of Childhood

Oh well who said parenting was easy got to take the rough with the smooth as we are all still learning even as grown ups. Children don't come with instruction manuals because there would be hundreds as every child is different and unique and I would not have it any other way.


Well this evening we are all off to a family firework display and we are all really excited, (such a big kid at heart) and that I know after fireworks night it is officially the run down to Christmas. Next weeks blog will be packed with lots of ideas to entertain your little ones as well as getting us bigger kids in the festive mood.

Have a lovely SAFE bonfire weekend.

Crazy Daisy Mum



  1. Aww bless her! How sweet, she does look very grown up in her school pic, it flies by doesn't it x

  2. Thank you, I know in the blink of an eye they are all grown up and off being all independent x x