Saturday, 26 November 2011

What a magical week..........

Christmas has definitely reached our household this week, Madison is so excited bless her, and the questions about father Christmas are endless.

the question that was a real toughie was...
" mummy why is that Lady's house alarm going off ?"
followed by my reply sometimes the wind may blow a curtain or a spider may go across a special sensor and it sets off the alarm. then came......
" OH NO!!! mummy when father Christmas comes down our chimney he might set off our alarm and wake me up ..... He might get frightened away and forget our special presents " 
Well the bottom lip started to go and utter confusion about the alarm situation so after a lot of reassurance that father Christmas is magic and he wont set off our alarm as he knows about it, we were satisfied and immediately spurred on to write that all important letter asking the big man himself for those special gifts.........

all I say is I think Father Christmas may need a bigger sleigh


Due to her age she cut out the pictures of the things she would like and stuck them on the back of the letter or as she put it " I'm a little tired".

Following her exciting letter writing to Santa the very next day we had a very special visitor home from school.......


as some of you may have read from previous posts sparkle is the class mascot and the children get to bring her home for following the schools golden rules. I was so proud that they had sent her home with us again 3rd time since September and after the fiasco of a overnight stay last time where mummy had to wash this little class mascot.... Madison thought she would smell nicer with half a dozen different perfume's and aftershaves on. ( this was the most challenging and scariest wash load I have ever done) I have never watched the washing machine so much but to my relief she survived. This stay was much more calmer as Madison and Sparkle helped me with little Jasper feeding him his bottle and playing peek a boo.

The little man in my life .. well is not so little after a trip to the health visitors clinic which he loves, One of the few little ones in the clinic that loves to be naked ( such a little exhibitionist) He weighed 19lb 12oz bless him, but after a reassuring talk with the lovely health visitor that are on hand for any questions big or small that said that Jasper is doing well and is in proportion and generally happy content boy, which was lovely to hear.

This week he has been practising his turning loads more and by being a mean mummy placing things just out of his reach it is spurring on his determination side and we have got the front to back down to a T but he still gets a little stuck when going from back to front but that will come in time.

We have enjoyed lots of family time this week and finished it off by attending our Village Christmas Tree illumination which was a great evening and a huge number of local residents turned out for the event which was lovely to see. Madison was so excited to meet some of her little school friends who enjoyed meeting Father Christmas and also getting a little pressie which went down well with all involved. We all took part in singing carols meeting the local mayor and MP which i feel a great importance for my little one to learn that many different people make up a community and with very different roles.

This week Christmas card and ginger bread biscuit making.

Also im attending a red carpet champange celebration for Busy Bees day Nursery Chatham on achieving a double Ofsted outstanding.
All Welcome to attend on Wednesday 30th Novemeber 2011
at 7:30 pm. please checkout the website for more details.

Have a great week

Crazy Daisy Mum

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