Wednesday, 9 November 2011

PHEW!!!!! We survived parents evening


Well nothing could possibly have prepared me for the relaxed and inviting atmosphere that awaited us at Madison's parents evening, children's work on show Madison's learning journal ready for us to read it was absolutely lovely. Although I was still armed with my list of questions as we went in and sat at the little tables.

The feedback could not have been any more positive "Madison is a character" "very clever" and despite the year age difference between her and some of the other children she is keeping up with the work she is given. A feather could have knocked me over I am so proud of her.

We just need to work on the sitting still and concentration.....
so once my little monkeys were sleeping soundly I started on creating some number flashcards up to 20 at the moment as this is what she is currently doing at school. we are going to practice number recognition and sorting them first. She is  going to start with 2 minuets of sitting then gradually build up the time to 5 solid minuets and hopefully she will respond positively.

The little man in my life has provided plenty to laugh about this week he has learnt how to move to music courtesy of his older sister, It has been a team effort,  she will sing "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" and Jasper swishes from side to side and he is ever so proud of himself with smiles all round.

Tag team Terry

But whilst watching them both playing  together I did get a slight pang of sadness as my little baby boy whom I only brought home 6 months ago, has changed so much in such a short space of time as they say time flies when your having fun.

Well now Bonfire night has officially now past I am now excited about Father Christmas paying us a visit at the end of December so we have made a start .....
This week Jasper has created lovely Christmas tree gift tags.

Jasper ??? I hear some people say ...
Yes he got in to the painting mood well his right foot did after painting his foot a lovely shade of green which he giggled away to I pressed it on to a piece of card and once turned so the toes are facing down you get what looks like a tree.

TOP TIP - when painting a young child's foot try adding a little water to the paint mixture and popping it in to the microwave to warm up a bit this way they wont be put off by a freezing cold substance being painted on there little toes.

This weekend madison is going to add some Christmas sparkle (glitter) and a tree trunk. I will add a picture as soon as they are finished.

Since beginning my mummy blog in October I have read with interest loads of other fantastic Mummy blogs and I did wonder if Daddy's have been having there say?. So with a little bit surfing the net I have discovered an amazing dads blog titled......

Please take a look at this daddys blog spot it is inspiring to read a very proud daddy's views.

I can't believe it's mid week already, where is the time flying to... 

enjoy the rest of your week

Crazy Daisy Mum



  1. Sounds like they're both doing really well - hats off to them! Thanks very much for mentioning Diary of the Dad too; most kind of you! :-)

  2. They are doing really well thank you I could not be prouder. your more than welcome ;-)