Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Another mummy milestone .........

The start of the weekend started out if it could go wrong it went wrong, taking Madison to her school book fair Friday afternoon we got half way round by the time I realised that I had forgotten my purse...... well as you can imagine the look of utter disappointment in my little ones face was awful, but Lucky enough the fair was there for a week so we did a book fair take two Monday and we picked out a few good titles only buying the one, the rest are going on her letter to father Christmas.

including the latest Julia Donaldson book ..

The Highway Rat [Book]

Madison has loved all her books since a very young age and I highly recommend this book to add to any child's collection.

Following on from Last weeks blog here are the completed home made tags created by my two little artists.


This week has been an extremely busy one aside from doing the everyday mummy jobs, washing, cleaning ironing and all round children's entertainer. I have turned my hand at sewing ( which secretly I really don't mind doing one bit) and have blinged up a plain black T-Shirt (£3.50 primark ladies size 6)  with some lovely tinsel (90p local chemist of all places) as Madison and her class mates are going to be stars in there school Christmas Play which I can not put in to words how excited me and Joe are.  

Another mummy mile stone has been achieved  over the last couple of weeks Madison went to a friends house after school for tea ( the first ever time on her own ). I will admit to being a little apprehensive at first and the usual "will she be good", "hope she eats her meal" "hope she remembers her manners" etc...... but seeing how excited she was about going I stepped back and agreed, the other child's parents were fab too which put any niggling doubts right back from where they came. She had a great time, was polite, good and ate all her dinner she did us proud , so this week Madison had her friend over our place for play time and tea, and it went really well both girlie's had a fantastic time getting creative making spoon puppets that turned out fantastic.

Well my little man has discovered he can grab things more precisely now and having an older one you would have thought we would have learnt not to place them near anything we did not want them to touch.........NO!!
Joe said " I only turned for two seconds to see what Madison was doing ". Well in that space Jasper had managed to grab the very pretty flowers and pull them over hence creating a very lovely lake on the lounge carpet. Although Jasper was very pleased with himself I'm not to sure daddy quite had the same appreciation. although we did have a chuckle.

To do List for next week : Book Madison and Jasper to take part in some Christmas fun at the local library's over the Christmas holidays, I know it is early but avoids disappointment

Take Jasper to health visitors clinic

Baby bounce at the library on Friday.

Before I sign off for the weekend I would like to say a huge


To all the very hard working and dedicated team at Busy Bees in Chatham whom have just been awarded there second Ofsted Outstanding in a row. 

Just some of the facilities to be found at Busy Bees in Chatham  Ofsted Outstanding 2011

 I look forward to celebrating with you all on Wednesday 30th November 7pm.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Crazy daisy mum

x x x


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