Saturday, 26 November 2011

What a magical week..........

Christmas has definitely reached our household this week, Madison is so excited bless her, and the questions about father Christmas are endless.

the question that was a real toughie was...
" mummy why is that Lady's house alarm going off ?"
followed by my reply sometimes the wind may blow a curtain or a spider may go across a special sensor and it sets off the alarm. then came......
" OH NO!!! mummy when father Christmas comes down our chimney he might set off our alarm and wake me up ..... He might get frightened away and forget our special presents " 
Well the bottom lip started to go and utter confusion about the alarm situation so after a lot of reassurance that father Christmas is magic and he wont set off our alarm as he knows about it, we were satisfied and immediately spurred on to write that all important letter asking the big man himself for those special gifts.........

all I say is I think Father Christmas may need a bigger sleigh


Due to her age she cut out the pictures of the things she would like and stuck them on the back of the letter or as she put it " I'm a little tired".

Following her exciting letter writing to Santa the very next day we had a very special visitor home from school.......


as some of you may have read from previous posts sparkle is the class mascot and the children get to bring her home for following the schools golden rules. I was so proud that they had sent her home with us again 3rd time since September and after the fiasco of a overnight stay last time where mummy had to wash this little class mascot.... Madison thought she would smell nicer with half a dozen different perfume's and aftershaves on. ( this was the most challenging and scariest wash load I have ever done) I have never watched the washing machine so much but to my relief she survived. This stay was much more calmer as Madison and Sparkle helped me with little Jasper feeding him his bottle and playing peek a boo.

The little man in my life .. well is not so little after a trip to the health visitors clinic which he loves, One of the few little ones in the clinic that loves to be naked ( such a little exhibitionist) He weighed 19lb 12oz bless him, but after a reassuring talk with the lovely health visitor that are on hand for any questions big or small that said that Jasper is doing well and is in proportion and generally happy content boy, which was lovely to hear.

This week he has been practising his turning loads more and by being a mean mummy placing things just out of his reach it is spurring on his determination side and we have got the front to back down to a T but he still gets a little stuck when going from back to front but that will come in time.

We have enjoyed lots of family time this week and finished it off by attending our Village Christmas Tree illumination which was a great evening and a huge number of local residents turned out for the event which was lovely to see. Madison was so excited to meet some of her little school friends who enjoyed meeting Father Christmas and also getting a little pressie which went down well with all involved. We all took part in singing carols meeting the local mayor and MP which i feel a great importance for my little one to learn that many different people make up a community and with very different roles.

This week Christmas card and ginger bread biscuit making.

Also im attending a red carpet champange celebration for Busy Bees day Nursery Chatham on achieving a double Ofsted outstanding.
All Welcome to attend on Wednesday 30th Novemeber 2011
at 7:30 pm. please checkout the website for more details.

Have a great week

Crazy Daisy Mum

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Another mummy milestone .........

The start of the weekend started out if it could go wrong it went wrong, taking Madison to her school book fair Friday afternoon we got half way round by the time I realised that I had forgotten my purse...... well as you can imagine the look of utter disappointment in my little ones face was awful, but Lucky enough the fair was there for a week so we did a book fair take two Monday and we picked out a few good titles only buying the one, the rest are going on her letter to father Christmas.

including the latest Julia Donaldson book ..

The Highway Rat [Book]

Madison has loved all her books since a very young age and I highly recommend this book to add to any child's collection.

Following on from Last weeks blog here are the completed home made tags created by my two little artists.


This week has been an extremely busy one aside from doing the everyday mummy jobs, washing, cleaning ironing and all round children's entertainer. I have turned my hand at sewing ( which secretly I really don't mind doing one bit) and have blinged up a plain black T-Shirt (£3.50 primark ladies size 6)  with some lovely tinsel (90p local chemist of all places) as Madison and her class mates are going to be stars in there school Christmas Play which I can not put in to words how excited me and Joe are.  

Another mummy mile stone has been achieved  over the last couple of weeks Madison went to a friends house after school for tea ( the first ever time on her own ). I will admit to being a little apprehensive at first and the usual "will she be good", "hope she eats her meal" "hope she remembers her manners" etc...... but seeing how excited she was about going I stepped back and agreed, the other child's parents were fab too which put any niggling doubts right back from where they came. She had a great time, was polite, good and ate all her dinner she did us proud , so this week Madison had her friend over our place for play time and tea, and it went really well both girlie's had a fantastic time getting creative making spoon puppets that turned out fantastic.

Well my little man has discovered he can grab things more precisely now and having an older one you would have thought we would have learnt not to place them near anything we did not want them to touch.........NO!!
Joe said " I only turned for two seconds to see what Madison was doing ". Well in that space Jasper had managed to grab the very pretty flowers and pull them over hence creating a very lovely lake on the lounge carpet. Although Jasper was very pleased with himself I'm not to sure daddy quite had the same appreciation. although we did have a chuckle.

To do List for next week : Book Madison and Jasper to take part in some Christmas fun at the local library's over the Christmas holidays, I know it is early but avoids disappointment

Take Jasper to health visitors clinic

Baby bounce at the library on Friday.

Before I sign off for the weekend I would like to say a huge


To all the very hard working and dedicated team at Busy Bees in Chatham whom have just been awarded there second Ofsted Outstanding in a row. 

Just some of the facilities to be found at Busy Bees in Chatham  Ofsted Outstanding 2011

 I look forward to celebrating with you all on Wednesday 30th November 7pm.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Crazy daisy mum

x x x


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

PHEW!!!!! We survived parents evening


Well nothing could possibly have prepared me for the relaxed and inviting atmosphere that awaited us at Madison's parents evening, children's work on show Madison's learning journal ready for us to read it was absolutely lovely. Although I was still armed with my list of questions as we went in and sat at the little tables.

The feedback could not have been any more positive "Madison is a character" "very clever" and despite the year age difference between her and some of the other children she is keeping up with the work she is given. A feather could have knocked me over I am so proud of her.

We just need to work on the sitting still and concentration.....
so once my little monkeys were sleeping soundly I started on creating some number flashcards up to 20 at the moment as this is what she is currently doing at school. we are going to practice number recognition and sorting them first. She is  going to start with 2 minuets of sitting then gradually build up the time to 5 solid minuets and hopefully she will respond positively.

The little man in my life has provided plenty to laugh about this week he has learnt how to move to music courtesy of his older sister, It has been a team effort,  she will sing "heads, shoulders, knees and toes" and Jasper swishes from side to side and he is ever so proud of himself with smiles all round.

Tag team Terry

But whilst watching them both playing  together I did get a slight pang of sadness as my little baby boy whom I only brought home 6 months ago, has changed so much in such a short space of time as they say time flies when your having fun.

Well now Bonfire night has officially now past I am now excited about Father Christmas paying us a visit at the end of December so we have made a start .....
This week Jasper has created lovely Christmas tree gift tags.

Jasper ??? I hear some people say ...
Yes he got in to the painting mood well his right foot did after painting his foot a lovely shade of green which he giggled away to I pressed it on to a piece of card and once turned so the toes are facing down you get what looks like a tree.

TOP TIP - when painting a young child's foot try adding a little water to the paint mixture and popping it in to the microwave to warm up a bit this way they wont be put off by a freezing cold substance being painted on there little toes.

This weekend madison is going to add some Christmas sparkle (glitter) and a tree trunk. I will add a picture as soon as they are finished.

Since beginning my mummy blog in October I have read with interest loads of other fantastic Mummy blogs and I did wonder if Daddy's have been having there say?. So with a little bit surfing the net I have discovered an amazing dads blog titled......

Please take a look at this daddys blog spot it is inspiring to read a very proud daddy's views.

I can't believe it's mid week already, where is the time flying to... 

enjoy the rest of your week

Crazy Daisy Mum


Saturday, 5 November 2011

When did you become so grown up.....

I can't believe it's the weekend already where has the time flown too...

Well this week kicked off with Madison bringing home her first school photos, she was so excited to get home and show me that it was the quickest we have got from school to home ever.

She built the photo showing part up tremendously and I could hardly wait .... then "mummy you wont believe how grown up I look ". Wow! i was not expecting this comment from my 4 year old, it took me by surprise if I'm honest and I did take in the moment for a few seconds, before Jasper proceeded to grab my glasses off of my face. ( our latest great game). The photo was as she said her looking extremely grown up. I can't help but wonder where the last 4 years have gone and that my little girl is well...... not so little any more .

 We also enjoyed Halloween at the beginning of the week getting dressed up in our spooky costumes and trick and treating to our neighbours and family. Madison had a lovely time and it was lovely to see so many other mums and dads out with there little ones looking for the pumpkin lit houses. In Madison's words "we must not knock on houses that don't have them as we are a bit scary".

Well this week did not end as such on a high as it begun, whilst standing in the playground waiting for Madison to appear at the door the signal every mum dreads came. ( the can I have a word signal was directed at me).
My heart sunk I felt like a naughty school child again as I was ushered in to the class room. A very sad faced little Madison was sitting at the table.... The teacher then proceeded to explain that Madison has be showing signs of unwanted behaviour such as not listening, getting easily distracted during phonics and number time etc and that it had been happening for a few weeks now. Well this came as a total shock to me as nothing had been said before regarding Madison's behaviour, but I took on board what Madison's teacher had said and explained I would sit down and speak with Madison once I got home and everything settled, as me and my husband are a parent team that believe there is always two sides to every story and we wanted to hear Madison's.

The first unexpected thing Madison said to us was "I have been on the sunshine all day" well as you can imagine we were a little confused at this comment and then proceeded to explain that her teacher has been speaking to us regarding her unwanted behaviour. Madison instantly knew what we were speaking about and explained that her hair clip had fallen out and was under the table so she went to retrieve it and got engrossed with bending it open and closed.
( not listening during phonics and number time)

OK we thought maybe there has been a little confusion with Madison not listening but instead just being totally engrossed with this hair clip. We explained that she must open her ears more and listen to teachers.

This could not have come at a more appropriate time as next week we have parents evening, so after a long chat to Madison which continued this morning also and a chat between the parent camp, involving grandparents views also as they have been there and done it themselves, we have a little list of questions we would like to ask her teachers. This may sound really silly but by writing it down we can see what we need to ask and that we would not get home after and think I forgot to ask.....

This morning whist getting Madison ready for her fun Saturday morning with nanny, she said " am I going to school today?" when i said No the look of relief was apparent. I then seized this opportunity to ask open ended questions. Eventually she told me " I want to be at home with you like Jasper " That's when the realisation that there is some sibling jealousy became apparent.
After some reassurance that while she is at school me and Jasper are waiting for her to get home, so we can all play or get arty and crafty. I have dug out a great book I used to read to my pre-schoolers many moons ago especially ones with younger siblings at home and hopefully this will help her understand that she has to go to school but you have fun .....

Product Details

I will keep you Posted on how it goes.

I have also dug in to another book just for some parent reassurance and advice
and one that I really recommend to have as part of you mummy and daddy library ....

Toddling to Ten: Your Common Parenting Problems Solved - The Netmums Guide to the Challenges of Childhood

Oh well who said parenting was easy got to take the rough with the smooth as we are all still learning even as grown ups. Children don't come with instruction manuals because there would be hundreds as every child is different and unique and I would not have it any other way.


Well this evening we are all off to a family firework display and we are all really excited, (such a big kid at heart) and that I know after fireworks night it is officially the run down to Christmas. Next weeks blog will be packed with lots of ideas to entertain your little ones as well as getting us bigger kids in the festive mood.

Have a lovely SAFE bonfire weekend.

Crazy Daisy Mum