Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Another Hectic Week In Our House ....

We have welcomed Anabelle the bear to the toy collection on Madison's bed which is her "favourite and her best " (at the moment) which she made at a little friends build a bear party it even comes with a beating heart, how far toys have come since my care bear days.

We have been very arty this week it all started by...

 finally finshing our autumnal mobile by adding the pictures we took whilst in the woods and hung them off of the branches. It now hangs pride of place in the play room. Both the children have loved looking at the leaves and pictures and is a constant reminder of our adventure.

Madison has been forever pushing the boundaries this week ( alot of which is her trying to be so independent) so we have come up with a joint idea ..... i wanted something that would be a constant visual reminder and somthing that she would relate to so she wanted a "Sun, Grey Cloud and a Black Cloud" as that is what she has at school. And if " Im a good girl my picture stays on the sun and if im a little naughty i have to go on the grey cloud and if i dont listen and im very naughty i have to go on the black cloud"  which I thought was fantastic idea so we wasted no time in creating our own symbols to hang in the play room.  so we all can constantly see them as a reminder to continue to use it. Will keep you posted on how they are working.

Jasper also got in to the arty grove this week and loved feeling all the diffrent textures of the  brushes, the paper and paint on his fingers and created a lovely piece of Jasper led art work & decorated himself at the same time. 

Jasper my 5 month old's teething has steped up a new level this week and he has been so unsettled, so lots of Mummy, Daddy and Big sister cuddles for him, as well as teething powders and calpol but hopefully we should see a small little toothy peg peeking soon ( I hope ). I have also been freezing chunky carrot sticks which he has loved chomping on which gives instant relief and cools the area. ( whilst under constant adult supervision) .

This week my little ones have been watching our Herman the German Friendship cake bubble and rise. which has prompted lots of questions from Madison as to why it dose this?  also he has sparked excitement as we are cooking him tomorrow so i will keep you all posted on how it goes.

Well another busy weekend coming up with lots of Nanny play time before she jets off to her sunny windy castle as Madison puts it, and a little rest and relaxation for Madison as her first term comes to an end, and bless her she is starting to droop everyday coming home.

Then a  busy Half Term week which i cant wait for and have got loads planned for my little two including pumpkin carving, cake making, firework pictures, Autumn craft workshop, and much more so excited.     

have a great weekend

Crazy Daisy Mum


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